Blogging Binder by Sarah Titus

Blogging Binder

I'm TIRED of not going for what I want full throttle. I'm TIRED of letting others thoughts get to me. I'm TIRED of living with fear and self-doubt. I'm TIRED of not doing what I WANT. THIS IS NOT JUST A BLOGGING BINDER, IT'S A SOLUTION TO PROBLEMS!



This is not JUST a blogging binder. It’s a solution to SO many of your headaches!!! This is truly the one blogging binder you need!

With this blogging binder, you’ll have:

  • Less trial and error trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t
  • Less wondering if this is the path for you and being confident in your ability to blog, with help from a pro-blogger
  • Less overwhelm
  • Less not knowing where to start
  • Less feeling “stuck”
  • Less falling off track
  • Less unfocused, scattered blogging, so you can get back to what’s REALLY important…your family!!!
It’s the motivational tool you need to get started, the RIGHT way, and a huge asset to your brand!

It’ll give you:

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • A fresh start
  • Independence
  • A plan to improve your life
  • Freedom
  • Organization
  • Success
  • A starting point
  • Direction
  • Confirmation that you’re good enough, that people want to hear what you have to say
  • A new way to make REAL money with integrity
It’ll help you finally get blogging under control in a more efficient and organized way. And that new future starts TODAY! It starts the second you purchase this blogging binder!
Created and designed by someone who gets it. By someone who’s been there. I was exactly where you are now and over the last few years, in record timing, I’ve built an amazing empire in the blogging world. I want to show you how I did it, how you can too!

Plus…I’m a highly organized person. My friends tell me I’m obsessive!

Okay, so I’m a little OCD about organizing. I’m okay with that. :)

But when it came to my blog, I was really UNorganized!

I bought a couple blogging planners, but none of them really did what I needed them to do over time, as I grew my blog. One blog planner I used the past couple years was awesome, but it still left a few gaps of what I personally do. So, I created a notebook to keep all my papers in. But, that can get messy quickly, and you can’t rearrange the pages as needed, like you can in a binder.

So, I created my OWN blogging binder!

It’s not a planner, so you can rearrange the pages in your binder any way you want. You can even keep binders of your older work pages and organize your blogging binders by year!

Plus, it’s classic, but modernly designed, so it won’t suck up a lot of ink and because it’s a binder, you only have to print the pages you NEED (thus saving you more money!) Because who really wants more blogging expenses. Trust me, I’ve thought of EVERYTHING! :)

For me, this Blogging Binder has EVERYTHING I need. I created it to be the ONLY blogging binder you’ll need to purchase.

But I didn’t stop there.

Because I’m a highly ENCOURAGING person, I also created 20 wall art printables to include! Find the quotes you like, frame them, hang them in your office or work space, and you have home decoration and motivation all in one!

This is truly the one blogging binder you need!

The “Yearly Stats” printable is something you can’t live without.

As a blogger, you NEED to know exactly how you’re doing each month and here’s the thing, if you DON’T keep track of your stats monthly, you can NOT go back. Platforms like Pinterest, for example, don’t have a backdate where you can see how you were doing a year ago.

On the “Yearly Stats” page, I’ve created a list of things I personally track with spaces to fill in more. This printable page ALONE is worth the cost of the binder, believe me! It has come in handy all THROUGH my blogging career many times over and has led to the inspiration of MANY posts on this very blog!

One of my other favorite pages is the “Income Tracker.”

Each month, I write down exactly what I’ve earned to make SURE I am actually PAID. It’s hard to keep track of payments if you don’t know what should be paid. What if a company forgets to pay you? How long do you have to wait for a payment: is it Net 30…Net 60…Net 90? You wouldn’t even know unless you’re writing it down.

My third favorite printable in the Blogging Binder is the “Income Tax Expenses.”

When it comes to tax time, you do NOT want to be without this sheet, for sure!

It’ll help you categorize all your expenses for the month, month by month, so that at the end of the year, you have a perfect picture of all expenses and tax season for YOU is a breeze, because you’ve been keeping track all year round!

While those are my three favorite pages in the binder and worth the cost just for those sheets alone, there are TONS of other pages that you are sure to fall in love with, including beautifully designed, colorful wall art!

Once you start using this binder, you won’t know how you ever got along without it! This binder is worth every penny!

How this blogging binder is different:

  • It won’t suck up a ton of your ink! Keep those business expenses low!
  • 180+ pages to fulfill all your blogging needs. No need to go out and buy more binders/planners
  • Includes 20 wall art printables. Keep yourself inspired and motivated on your blog daily.
  • Helps you know EXACTLY what to track. Don’t miss out on the patterns that will grow your blog!
  • Tax printables. Come tax time, this will be your own personal lifesaver!
  • Print only what you need…and duplicates of your most used sheets.

What other audience members are saying:

Amy from says, "I am so excited - I can't wait to get it all printed out and start using it. It looks absolutely amazing and I know it is going to help me tremendously with all the questions and feeling of being overwhelmed I have experienced. Thanks for your hard work in putting this together!"

Nana from Georgia says, [This] “would save me hours of looking for the information I need so I can get the blog up and running and spend the time writing.”

Alma from MO says, “I can learn from the best and promote my business.”

Alixandra from ND says, “Out of a thousand offers this is the only one I feel could make a positive difference for me and my son, so…. very excited, indeed.”

Angela from Kenya says, “It means that I now have a trusted source to go into blogging.”

Danielle from CA says, "Super excited and thankful! I think it's so kind of you to help others out by passing along a gift that you have!"

Dede from MO says, “It would mean no more searching 25 different places for one simple answer only to find out none of them work and I can quit making excuses and focus on blessing others instead of my processes!! Woo hoo.”

Stephanie from MO says, “Really excited. I’ve tried so many different ones but nothing is a fit.”

*This blogging binder is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped.

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