Happily Ever Blogger by Sarah Titus

Happily Ever Blogger


Have you ever purchased a course that you felt was incomplete? Or worse, it was overly-simplified and you wanted more meaty content to it?


I don't feel like there's enough solid blogging teaching. 

There are some FANTASTIC sites out there, yes, but not enough. 

There's so much NOISE and JUNK out there. 

So many scams. So many bloggers chasing fame, fortune, ego, that they are not genuinely helping the world or offering substance!

At first, I didn't want to teach blogging. I didn't want to get in that "pool"...but that's also the very reason I am.

Because I am DIFFERENT than most bloggers teaching blogging. It's not that the genuine influencers don't have wonderful things to say, it's that...they're not me.

I'm Christian. I stand for something. My life stands for more. I'm here for more and I BELIEVE YOU'RE HERE FOR MORE TOO!

I'm tired of bloggers getting overwhelmed by a to do list a mile long!

They think they have to obey every blogger out there. 

I'm here to cut through the noise. 

To get you from point A to point B quick. To keep you focused and grounded in your business. To set up a ROCK-SOLID foundation that you can build on for years to come.

I want to improve the blogging industry.

That's WHY I create courses and teach blogging. Because yes, there are a few good bloggers at the top who teach amazing stuff and no
I've not come across all bloggers teaching blogging, but I'm so SICK OF THE SCAMS.

I am so sick of someone who has absolutely NO blogging experience WHATSOEVER creating a blog teaching blogging. It's crazy to me. It's like the blind leading the blind.

I'm tired of all the noise online...all the so-called guru's who take your money and run. Producing this or that and you fall for it and think it's great and you end up broke and no further along that when you started! It TICKS ME OFF!

This course is different. I won't take your money and run. 

Within my first year blogging, I was making $10,000/month. 

I've built a six-figure a MONTH business within 3 years of blogging. I've been making money online for over TWENTY YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

This isn't some fly-by-night, copy/paste a course up real quick so I can pay my rent type of thing. These are SOLID principles that I have learned in my 20+ years experience. NO copy/paste here! 

If you want in, I welcome you....to a DIFFERENT way of blogging...

I invite you to become a happily ever blogger, because blogging should be a dream come true! It has been for me; let me show you the key steps so you can do it too!

What it looks like once inside...

What's included?

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Module 1: Finding Your Why - Part 1
Module 1 - Finding Your Why - Part 1 Workbook.pdf
460 KB
Module 2: Finding Your Why - Part 2
Module 2 - Finding Your Why - Part 2 Workbook.pdf
352 KB
Module 3: Building a Solid Foundation
Module 4: Branding - Putting Yourself Out There
Module 5: SEO Made Simple
Module 6: How to Make a Post Go Viral
Module 7: How to Make Money Blogging - Ads
Module 8: How to Make Money Blogging - Sponsors
Module 9: How to Make Money Blogging - Affiliates (Starter Strategies)
Module 10: How to Make Money Blogging - Affiliate Marketing (Advanced Strategies)
Module 11: How to Make Money Blogging - Book Sales
Module 12: How to Make Money When Blogging is Slow

Every mom should have the option to stay home with her children, regardless of income!