The Honest Bloggers Bundle by Sarah Titus

The Honest Bloggers Bundle

You CAN make great money while working less hours AND keeping your integrity and honesty as a blogger.


By far, the most popular product, having sold 4,900 bundles within it's first month of release! 

You CAN make great money while working less hours AND keeping your integrity and honesty as a blogger. 

This is a compilation of my top 5 products plus a brand new, never-released-before book, How to Work Less and Create Killer Content.

Most of these books have hit #1 best selling lists. One of the books included sold over 9,200 copies!

This is the best of the best. No wasting your time. This is a get-your-blog-soaring-NOW type of bundle you don't want to miss.

You will receive:

1) Blogging Binder

You can download and print anytime you need. All months are included and are not year specific, so there's no need to re-purchase every yearlike other products, thus saving you money! 

2) Make Money Blogging: How to Find Ideas That Are Right For You

With 4,300 copies sold worldwide within its first month of release, this book answers a question that is on everyone's mind...just how exactly DOES a blogger make money.

3) How To Turn Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Money Making Machine

Within 12 months of starting my blog, I had nearly a million in traffic and was making $10k/month. This book gives you the roadmap I created to accomplish this and more!

4) How to Work Less and Create Killer Content

The biggest question I get is how I balance life, a highly successful blog, and kids as a single mom. This book goes into great detail on how I work less hours than most bloggers and still create killer content and balance everything in my life!

5) How to Boost Your Alexa Score Organically

This book outlines the exact steps I took to go from an Alexa score of 16,520,410 to 367,728 in less than two months!

6) How to Make Real Money as a Virtual Assistant

You want to make legitimate money from home to help your family. Being a virtual assistant is, in my opinion, the EASIEST, fastest, and funnest way to make money in the blogging world. 

What other audience members are saying:

Amy from says, "I am so excited - I can't wait to get it all printed out and start using it. It looks absolutely amazing and I know it is going to help me tremendously with all the questions and feeling of being overwhelmed I have experienced. Thanks for your hard work in putting this together!"

Nana from Georgia says, [This] “would save me hours of looking for the information I need so I can get the blog up and running and spend the time writing.”

Alma from MO says, “I can learn from the best and promote my business.”

Alixandra from ND says, “Out of a thousand offers this is the only one I feel could make a positive difference for me and my son, so…. very excited, indeed.”

Angela from Kenya says, “It means that I now have a trusted source to go into blogging.”

Danielle from CA says, "Super excited and thankful! I think it's so kind of you to help others out by passing along a gift that you have!"

Dede from MO says, “It would mean no more searching 25 different places for one simple answer only to find out none of them work and I can quit making excuses and focus on blessing others instead of my processes!! Woo hoo.”

Stephanie from MO says, “Really excited. I’ve tried so many different ones but nothing is a fit.”

*This bundle is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped. 

What's included?

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The Honest Bloggers
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Every mom should have the option to stay home with her children, regardless of income!